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My other performance art

Posted on January 29, 2014 with 0 comments
I had my debut recently as a dancer. I'd done a little musical theater dancing and singing as a teenager, but this is different. After years of taking classes in Ithaca with Amanda Moretti, Mee Ae Caughey and workshops from our New York-based teacher Vangeline, I danced in a butoh ensemble performance this week at Fall Creek Studios in Ithaca. We danced in white body paint, which is traditional to butoh, a Japan-born form of modern dance theater. We all wore satin ball gowns, even the two men in the ensemble. The performance also included a solo piece by Mee Ae, a former member of Vangeline Theater.

Butoh is amazing to me, so inward, requiring strength and focus, and very creative, as in most workshops and classes, with prompting there is a huge amount of room for individual interpretation, maybe like jazz in that way. It has a form, but there is a great amount freedom for the dancer. Often the freedom for me comes out of going very deep into an emotion, and then seeing it dissolve. There [...]
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Sweet music with Brian Vollmer

Posted on January 29, 2014 with 0 comments
After not a ton of performing, though played with London McDaniel last summer and fall including subbing as a go-go dancing and singer in London's funky zydeco band Blue Sky Mission Club, in December I played an intimate show with Brian Vollmer at Chateau Dusseau, a winery near Owasco Lake, northeast of Ithaca.

Playing with Brian was very sweet. He played banjo in such a pretty sensitive way and sang backup. Brian is primarily an old-time player, on a label, and busy in bands. With me, he infuses driving blues and just lovely, pretty arpeggios. This duo with Brian might lead to a trio with London -- or more, and we've talked about recording. Maybe something more country than usual for me, though it's hard to leave the jazz out. Or a Christmas album.

Chateau Dusseau is owned by our friend Robert Dusseau, and the acoustics there are amazing. It was like playing in a small chapel. I'm a Buddhist, and Brian was once a Hindu student with an interest in Indian music. So improvising, we did [...]
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My music will be featured, and I'm being interviewed on Tenzin Norbu's new radio show "The Life of Universal Loving." You can listen live Monday, April 23 Eastern Time.

The website is:
The host of this online radio program is Tenzin Norbu, author of "Ocean of Compassion: A Guide to the Life of Universal Loving." Tenzin is also a contributor to PBS's new, on-line magazine, "Next Avenue," which will debut on May 12, 2012.
- Linda

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